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    Advanced Mobile Device Statistical Engine

    We feature the only statistical rendering engine made specifically for mobile devices. Build predictive models on the fly and mine data in seconds.

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    Advanced Mobile Text Analytics Engine

    Our mobile platform for advanced NLP allows for real time breakdowns of text input. Understand what is being said, where, and understand deeper concepts. Sentiment analysis has never been easier.

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    Modern, Accessible and Beautiful Mobile Applications

    Look for our own mobile applications on iphone and android that integrate our worldclass analytics technology.

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    Analytics, Intelligence, and Mobile Application consulting

    Let us help you make your business smarter and faster.


See the results

Using our mobile analytics solutions, a fortune 500 company was able to increase sales from mobile devices by a massive 500 percent. Our own applications have over 95 percent positive reviews and our mobile text analysis is being implemented by several new social media usage platforms.


What we can do

The Analytica Engine does basica statistical analysis, functional reporting as well as analyzes and accurately predicts the future based on historical data. With Analytica Labs the possibilities are endless.


Customer Support

We stand proudly behind our products, consulting work, and our values as a company. Feel free to contact us at contact@analytica-labs.com

About Us

We are an advanced engineering company focused on making applications smarter, faster, and easier to use. Too often there is a lack of balance between look, feel, and abilities of an application. We look to provide beauty and brains for the most sophisticated of mobile solutions.

What we provide

We provide a window into the previously disorganized space of the mobile Web, online retail, and social media. Information can be captured and cross referenced with hundreds of millions of pieces of information every day from Twitter and Facebook, online sales data such as Amazon, and search data such as Google trends. That data is dissected and segmented allowing for real time tracking and trending, as well as real time predictive analysis.